Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I acquire the Cruz-CARD?

    Students of our partner institutions are automatically signed up for the card during enrolment by the academic affairs department of the university. Staff need to contact the Human Resource department to sign up for their Cruz-Card.

  • Can I use my Cruz-CARD outside the University Campus?

    Yes! The Cruz card is accepted both locally and internationally on any VISA branded ATM or POS device

  • How secure is the Cruz-CARD

    The Cruz card has a picture ID of student/staff on the card. This enables easy identification of the card holder. It is also PIN and chip enabled for additional security.

  • Can I use my Cruz-CARD when I travel

    Yes! It is accepted on all VISA enabled ATMs and POS's worldwide.

  • Why should I acquire a Cruz-CARD

    The Cruz-CARD is licensed by VISA International. This means it is secure, convenient and accepted by tens of millions of merchants and at over 2 million ATMs around the world.